Outdoor Location: Bushy Park

We run our Outdoor Sessions in Bushy Park, London.

The meeting point is In the Diana Fountain car park within Bushy park, next to the MiBODY vehicle. The main gates of the Park are closed at ‘Dusk’ during the winter months, however the pedestrian gates stay open until 22:00hrs.

Post Code

The Postcode that you should enter into your Sat nav is: KT8 9DD – however this does not always work with 100% pinpoint accuracy depending on which sat nav you have. If unsure going old school and checking on a map would make sure.


The 411 runs the whole length of Hampton Court Road, and there are stops very close to the Main gates opposite Hampton Court palace

Meeting point: Diana Fountain Car Park

Bushy Park Schedule

We run our “Outdoor Fitness” (see in green below) at our Bushy Park Location. Our “Yoga & Pilates” (see in purple below) are at our Warehouse Location (near Bushy Park) and at our Chalfont Location (Bucks).

Outdoor Fitness Sessions

Outdoor Yoga & Pilates Sessions

Note: Sessions in the descriptions above may not all be timetabled at any one time.

More about our Outdoor Fitness Sessions

A variety of sessions to suit your fitness and preferences

More about Outdoor Fitness

More about our Outdoor Yoga and PIlates Sessions

Specialist blended classes during the daytime

More about Yoga and Pilates

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