Home Training

So, what is MiBODY Home Training?

Our Home Training programme is personal to you and is professionally built for your requirements and needs.

It features a dedicated MiBODY fitness professional working with you throughout the session to give feedback, advice and motivation.


Prior to any training, MiBODY will carry out an initial consultation with you to ascertain your fitness or health goals, and of course find out a bit more about you, your timescale and availability.

At this consultation, an outline plan will be developed which will include: your personal goal, number of sessions per week, and type of session. In addition, a PAR-Q Form (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) will also be completed.

The PAR-Q is designed as a first step, helping in the initial planning when you are looking to increase the amount of physical activity you do.

Download the PAR-Q form now


Where does the Training take place?

The training takes place in the convenience of your own home

What will you need?

You will need nothing other than yourself and the kit you wear for the session. You will of course need a space for the training to take place, and this could be inside the house, garage or garden.

However, that’s all you need as MiBODY will bring everything required for the session. If you have your own home gym, we could use the equipment you have available.

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