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The ultimate! outdoor fitness program that’s effective and lots of fun.
It will rock your cardiovascular world, burn fat, increase your strength and flexibility, and tone muscle

Our Outdoor Sessions

We deliver lots of outdoor fitness sessions in Bushy Park every week come rain or shine.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Across the UK thousands of people are getting fitter, stronger and healthier using and enjoying the great outdoors.

If you have had enough of muscle and mirrors inside or have never been that way inclined, or indeed just want to get fit having fun in the great outdoors with like-minded people then we are the fitness choice for you

For the ‘whole body’

All the sessions are programmed to work the ‘whole body’ and each session will use a mixture of either your own body weight, partner work, or some additional fitness equipment.

All of the sessions will draw upon the combined experience gained over many years from the Fitness Industry, the Military and High-Performance Sport.

Weekly Timetable

* Evening session times can be subject to change to reflect daylight hours


What to Expect

You will probably come across exercises that you have done before but many that may be new to you.

The sessions will improve your strength, improve flexibility and improve your ‘aerobic ability’, which means your ability to breath air in and use oxygen for useful work by the body.

This trains your heart and lungs to be more efficient, and brings with it a multitude of other health benefits which we now know helps to combat some of the major diseases of the 21st Century.

This type of exercise is often referred by many as doing cardio and it’s often taken to be the sole measure of how fit you are.

However being truly FIT, means being fit in all aspects such as strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance and very importantly social and mental fitness too – being fit to live your life, being able to sustain life’s ups and downs and still have some energy to spare.

Training outdoors can be considered as nature’s own stress buster, helping us combat depression, stress and anxiety to name a few, plus you are able to meet new people should you wish to build a new social circle. Group fitness has demonstrated its success in building exercise adherence…in a nutshell you are more likely to continue your regime and make exercise a part of your life if you have people around you to workout with.

There is another side to exercise and this is ‘Anaerobic’ fitness. Anaerobic exercise consists of brief intense bursts of physical activity, such as weightlifting and sprints, where oxygen demand surpasses oxygen supply.

While aerobic exercise relies on oxygen, anaerobic exercise is fueled by energy stored in your muscles.

Typically this involves your ability to move resistance, this could be your own body or any other resistance, for example a weight bag, kettle bell, battle rope, and this will improve your strength. It can also involve testing your speed and power, a principle utilised in the ever popular High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT Training) regimes. These are short bursts of anaerobic work which has been proved as a fast track to aerobic fitness.

We are FAD-Free

At MiBODY, we won’t bring you fads. We believe in a solid approach to health and fitness based on our cumulative 50 years of experience with solid scientific research.

The sessions are designed to work well with groups, but to make sure each person gets exactly what they want from the session participants when it’s suitable are paired with another member who are of a similar ability.

This is done by using bibs with colored numbers. At the start of the session all participants taking part in MiBODY outdoor fitness sessions will be given a Black bib with a number, the color of the number will be the only differentiator of ability.

At the sessions…

What to bring

You don’t need to bring anything with you to the session but yourself, and the appropriate clothing and footwear. This is very much down to the weather conditions and your personal choice.

A pair of trainers with good support and grippy sole (as sessions will take place on grass), T-shirt, Shorts, Leggings or Track bottoms will be fine. During the colder months, additional base layers may be required. You won’t be spending all your time on the ground rolling around, but there will be times when some exercises will require you to get on the ground and you could get a bit muddy. You will definitely get sweaty during the session, so make sure you have some warm clothing to put on following the session.

There are no changing rooms in Bushy Park for fitness sessions so the norm is that participants arrive in kit. There are however toilets a short distance from the car park meeting point.

Training with us ensures you train effectively but in a fun and safe environment, where we want you to feel comfortable to do as much or as little as you want knowing you are supported and that your achievements at whatever level are celebrated.

Fitness Levels

White number: Level 1 – Beginner: For those that have done little to no exercise recently

For people that in recent months have done little to no exercise, OR are returning to exercise/fitness training following a break. For example, after having given birth or returning from a medical condition. This is the level everyone starts at and is a great place to be introduced to outdoor fitness.

Green number: Level 2 – Intermediate: For those who exercise 1-3 times per week

This level is for people who have been training with us for a while and have progressed from Beginner level, or who are new to us but already have a reasonable level of fitness. So, if the thought of jogging/running, or maintaining any other exercise whilst being out of breath continuously for 15 minutes, would not fill you with dread, you are probably around this level. At this level, you will be amongst others who have a good level of fitness but know they could be a lot fitter with some help and support.

Red number: Level 3 – Advanced: For those that exercise 3 or more times per week

The advanced level is designed for people that have been training with us for some time and have progressed through the previous 2 levels, or have completed the Level 3 – Advanced MiBODY assessment. This level is for the fittest among us, and individuals are given very challenging sessions to complete. We can assure you that once you have reached this level your fitness journey is not over – in fact it is just beginning. Because of our expertise in this type of training, we can push you beyond your limits and open up a whole new world of training for people like you.

Gold number: Level 4 – Elite: For those at the pinnacle of physical fitness

This level is not for the faint-hearted and the Gold number is by no means easy to attain. Very few clients ever obtain a black bib with Gold number but it is achievable if you want it… and we believe “you will want it!”

All the sessions are 60 minutes in duration with a warm up at the beginning and a cool down & stretch at the end included.

MiBODY Outdoor fitness sessions are also a great way to Cross Train for whichever sport you do, and MiBODY will provide you with a number of fitness challenges & fitness tests throughout the year to motivate you, and track your progression.

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