Fitness Assessment

MiBODY will work with you to improve your overall fitness level, and you will of course see/make improvements in many areas such as stamina, cardio, strength, flexibility, speed and power.

However, there is no better way to put this to the test than take the MiBODY fitness assessments and challenges.

Our fitness tests and challenges mirror the industry standard for these types of assessments.

Both in the Military and in High Performance Sport, assessment of an individual’s performance level is done regularly, to measure and maintain a minimum performance level, and also to track performance progression.

At MiBODY we endorse a similar view, not only is it a good tool to track your performance improvement, it’s also a great way to challenge yourself.

How fast are you? – How long does it take you to cover the distance of 1500m

You are testing yourself against the clock to complete the course whether that be running, jogging, walking or a combination of all 3 to cover the ground.

Running is a great test of your cardiovascular fitness (or ‘stamina’).

This is essentially a measure of how efficiently your heart and lungs are able to utilise oxygen.

Measuring your running time over the 1500m distance will give you a great idea of how your fitness is

 1500m Timed run

How strong are you? – you are tested on 3 exercises; Press-ups, Sit-ups, Burpees, how many
can you do of each in 2 mins without rest.

This assessment will really test your muscular strength and endurance, you will need to
work as hard as you can, with the correct range of movement and technique to complete as
many of each exercise in 2 minutes

 Two minutes of press ups
 Two minutes of sit ups
 Two minutes of burpees

How fit are you? – you’ve done the training now take the challenge.

Decide which level you want to do and give it your best.

This assessment will challenge both your Aerobic and your Anaerobic systems.

They are designed to be completed in 15 mins or less, however if you complete your level in 10mins or under… ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ it’s time to move onto the next level.

WHITE – 10 press ups, 10 sit ups & 10 burpees, plus 3 x 20m shuttle runs, completed five times consecutively
GREEN – 12 press ups, 12 sit ups & 12 burpees, plus 3 x 30m shuttle runs, completed five times consecutively
RED – 15 press ups, 15 sit ups & 15 burpees, plus 3 x 40m shuttle runs, completed five times consecutively
GOLD – 20 press ups, 20 sit ups, & 20 burpees, plus 3 x 50 shuttle runs, completed five times consecutively

The alternative fitness challenge –